For the Love of Paper

Behind the brand Mighty Paper, there is us, Timea and Igor from Berlin with a passion for selected, high-quality stationery and paperware. Every time we travel, we look for stationery stores to browse for beautiful papers, fountain pens, crayons, fun sharpeners... It's the worst with erasers. Just can't say no. We like things that are a bit retro, simple yet unusual. Something that makes us smile.

For Mighty Paper, we look for fun-loving stationery with a touch of nostalgia, fresh colors and a penchant for good old-school graphic design.

The best stores are the old-fashioned, packed ones with grumpy staff. But it's getting harder and harder to find quality pieces designed with a love for tradition. We browse all over Europe for stationery, art supplies, and paperware - old and new. And since we've already accumulated quite a bit, we thought we'd share our finds with you.mighty paper shop berlin regal shop portraitIn this digital age, it's so meditative to use a fountain pen with ink.

Ever since 2015, our mission has been clear: more fun at the desk, please! We choose our products because they are colorful, cheerful, and dare to stand out. High quality and preferably made in Europe, every new addition is tested thoroughly. We focus on products Made in Germany, but we also like to discover manufacturers beyond the German borders.
mighty paper shop berlin regal auswahlWe look for pieces that are a bit nostalgic with great design. Color is a must!